Best Inline Hockey Skates For Beginners – Bauer RSX

Obviously all the really good quality inline hockey skates are going to work for beginners. But they can cost you almost $1000. Do you really want to shell out that much when you’re a beginner? Especially when you haven’t got your skating style down, you don’t know what type of wheel set up you need, et cetera. I would suggest jumping in with a slightly cheaper but still good quality pair. What’s the best inline hockey skates for beginners? Well, honestly there’s a few different pairs you can buy such as the Tour Code 9 (really cheap for kids), the CCM Tacks 9040 and the Tempish Triton DSX’s, but the ones I recommend are the Bauer RX’s. They’re well-made offering a comfortable fit for the skater who isn’t going to be using them every single day. They also offer great performance for the price.